Because today, there's more than one path to publishing. . .


From editing, to formatting, to promotion

Learn how to:


- find technical resources such as cover designers, editors, beta readers, and formatters


- decide which aspects you can take control of and which ones need to be hired out


- manage resources for online promotion, decide on pricing strategies, and weather Amazon's 30, 60, and 90 day cliffs


- decide re: the benefits and drawbacks of Amazon exclusivity


- create an effective print version of your book


- learn what marketing strategies are effective, and what ones aren't worth your time


- confront the problem of visibility


- and much more!




About Heather Hamilton-Senter


I'm the author of Bound In Blue: Book One of the Sword of Elements which to date has sold more than 7300 copies since June 2014.

Indie Publishing The Smart Way

The Class


Saturday January 31, 2015

10:00 to 1:00

Trent Oshawa

Avoid unscrupulous vanity publishers.

Take control of your own career. There has never been a more exciting time for authors, but you need to learn how to recognize and avoid scammers.


This course will give you the tools to put out a quality product on your own terms - and without wasting thousands of dollars on vanity publishers.


No one can promise publishing success, but this course will give you the tools to position yourself in the market as advantageously as possible.

Not all books can or should be published traditionally

This is not a writing course. This course assumes that you have already done the work to learn your craft - or intend to continue doing so.


But even if your book is brilliant, the genre or subject matter might not be of interest to traditional publishers. That doesn't mean there isn't an audience out there for your well-written book. The advent of ebooks and print on demand means that even the most niche book - if it's prepared, managed properly, and well marketed - can find an audience.